NA College are proud to have started welcoming learners into our Accelerator Hub as we work to improve business performance across the region.

Trained by our experienced tutors, students gain a wealth of essential, adaptable knowledge from a variety of sectors that can be moulded to their own workplace, allowing them to return to employers equipped with a host of business improvement skills.

Combining multiple learning environments, the Hub is designed to engage learners by allowing them to train in a way that is suited to their needs, whether it be through collaborative social learning, independent study or virtual reality activities. Our NEIoT status exhibits how we’re utilising technology to provide fully immersive experiences that retain interest whilst teaching essential knowledge and skills, developing the workforce of the future.

Our partnership with the In Work Skills Pilot has seen us deliver two key modules that enable learners to implement and prepare for changes in their sector. Our ‘Transfer Best Practice’ module allows students to transfer best practices of improvement techniques from advanced manufacturing to other key sectors, whilst our ‘Manual to Digital’ module measures the impact made adopting new technology within manufacturing and the benefits this generates for the full production system.


“Learning in the Accelerator Hub is so much better than learning in previous environments. Sitting in a classroom feeling like you’re back in school again doesn’t provide me with much creative freedom as a person, I like to be in a more relaxed environment and feel the freedom to engage with the content rather than feel forced to learn it, so having the different environments within the same room makes a huge difference to how you can learn.”

-Kieran Hand, Accelerator Hub learner