Sustainability & Environment Policy

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NA College Trust recognises the importance of sound environmental and sustainable principles when implementing its educational objectives throughout the college.

The college will exercise diligent control over its activities that may have an impact on the immediate and local environment and educate staff, learners and apprentices to be more environmentally friendly and ensure all visitors and contractors are aware of our environmental commitment.

NA College Trust understands its legal and moral obligations in protecting the environment and the importance of reducing its carbon footprint for a sustainable future in the education sector.

NA College Trust will ensure enough resources are made available to achieve its environmental goals and will comply with all relevant legislation and guidance on environmental protection.

In order to achieve our environmental goals NA College Trust has the following key objectives:

  1. A commitment by the board of directors to promote and take the lead on environmental protection by considering all environmental impacts from business decisions and activities across the college
  2. Train, inform, educate and empower all employees and learners about their impact on the environment during normal college activities and encourage them to work in an environmentally sustainable manner
  3. Reduce waste through recycling and efficient energy control across the organisation with regards of electricity, gas, water and other natural resources
  4. Purchase and use environmentally responsible products to reduce the impact on the environment and source products from environmentally sustainable suppliers
  5. Monitor and review environmental performance periodically throughout the college in line with current legislation and best practice and strive to continually improve our environmental impact
  6. Ensure all contractors are vetted, educated and monitored on environmental performance to reduce their impact on the environment when conducting work on the college’s behalf
  7. Minimise the use of solvents, non-biodegradable products and lead based paints used in the maintenance and upkeep of the college
  8. Seek to integrate a consideration of environmental issues into all relevant aspects of the College’s teaching and business activities
  9. In conjunction with local, national and other agencies, promote and raise awareness of good environmental management policies and practices among staff and students of the College
  10. Implement sound long-term waste management strategies to actively promote and reduce overall waste production and increase the recycled component of the waste stream, both internally and amongst its customers and suppliers
  11. Continue to encourage and facilitate modes of transport by staff and students which minimise environmental impact, and apply environmentally friendly principles to the operation of the College owned vehicles

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