What Ofsted said...

Apprentices and learners are highly motivated and value the education that they receive. Students benefit from well-planned, high-quality teaching which complements the training provided by their employers.

Students benefit from a realistic and well-resourced learning environment where they can test out and apply their understanding. Adult learners are prepared for employment in the automotive industry.

Tutors provide relevant and interesting examples of real experiences in the workplace and in simulated exercises that enable learners to understand consequences of actions and responsibilities in a job role.

Inspection Highlights

At the cutting-edge of Reality Education

Outstanding Attitudes & Behaviours

Exemplary practices

  • They are highly motivated by the high expectations of tutors and employers.
  • Learners begin learning sessions early in the morning to help them prepare to workon early shifts in the automotive trade or elsewhere.
  • Apprentices quickly gain the confidence and ability that they need to carry out work tasks with minimum supervision.
  • Projects enable apprentices to make positive contributions to their wider community and their employers.
Information for Parents & Carers

Safe and supportive learning

  • Apprentices and adult learners have a good understanding of values needed to live and work in modern Britain.
  • Leaders and managers provide staff, apprentices and learners with a very safe learning environment.
  • Apprentices and learners flourish in a safe and supportive learning environment. They demonstrate consistently high levels of respect for others.
Information for Employers

Collaborating on projects to develop team work

  • Learners benefit from a realistic and well-resourced learning environment.
  • Students demonstrate exceptional team working skills through involvement in collaborative projects with an automotive or engineering theme.
  • Staff offer well-planned, high-quality teaching which complements the training provided by their employers.
Information for Stakeholders

Exceptional focus on behaviour and conduct

  • Apprentices participate in innovative activities and social action projects and make valuable contributions to their local communities
  • Tutors provide good support to learners whose first language is not English, in order to develop their language skills as well as their vocational knowledge
  • Managers and tutors have an exceptionally strong focus on behaviour and conduct, which is reflected in learners’ and apprentices’ professional conduct and mature attitudes.

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