Nissan Sunderland’s Apprenticeship Scheme opened for applications last month, with plans to up-skill the next generation as they mould the workforce of tomorrow.

The plans to provide around 100 opportunities to aspiring apprentices come as a major asset to the region in the midst of a pandemic, and will see the training, practise and development of professional ability to ensure career success.

This will welcome candidates with interest in a range of sectors, covering areas such as manufacturing, business administration, quality and production.

Alongside job-based training, the roles will accommodate those with diverse learning styles with classroom-based teaching embedded into each course.

As one of 2,000 people who began their career as an apprentice at Nissan Sunderland, Plant Engineering Director Damian Wheeler has explained the benefits of the route:

“Back in 1987 what appealed to me the most was the opportunity to learn and earn at the same time. Nissan was new to the North East and the opportunities they had available were fantastic. Fast forward 35 years and we’re embarking on the EV36Zero journey to electrification with the launch of a new electric vehicle, a battery gigafactory as well as a world-first renewable energy microgrid. There’s never been a more exciting time to join the plant.”

For more information on the opportunities available and life at the Sunderland plant, visit Nissan’s careers site here: