October 31, 2019

We’ve got exciting news to share today – NA College has a new look!

As we continue to grow the NA family (College, Outsourcing and Agency), expand our areas of focus, and update core experiences, we want our brand to best reflect why we exist, what we believe in, and where we’re headed.

At NA College, we think of our brand as a continuous project that’s never totally done. Just as people and companies evolve, so do brands. We’ve grown ours over many years through our ever-evolving courses, unique culture and dynamic team. Today, we’re taking a bold step forward with a new logo and identity system for NA College and our programmes.

We have not rebranded because we plan on doing something different but rather to better express the things we already do in a better way and to show an evolution for the next wave of our product offerings. Our ‘problem’ was that often people didn’t know what NA College was and our seperate operations were developing distinct brand identities, disassociated from the central identity system.

This marks a new chapter, as we embark on our 'Reality Education' mission.

The Old NA College Logo

The New NA College Logo