Meet Grace Craggs, one of our Improvement Practitioner apprentices.

At the beginning of September, she visited Faridabad, the second biggest slum in India to teach English as a Foreign Language with PMGY India.

Grace first became involved in charity work when she was 15 after her Mum fell ill. She decided to volunteer at the St Oswald’s Hospice Shop in Forest Hall where the staff at the charity told her about the opportunities available to visit less fortunate countries. After little thought, Grace, who is an apprentice at Nissan, decided she wanted to try something different and give back to the poorest.

Since first hearing about the opportunities of volunteering abroad, Grace has visited Sri Lanka, Bali and Vietnam, but explained that her recent trip to India was by far the poorest. Whilst abroad, placement students are tasked with planning lessons, coaching and teaching.

Grace explained; “I really wanted to give back to the poorest people. Overall, the experience was amazing but the children there have it really hard – classrooms there are of a real low standard so it’s hard for them to have a decent learning experience.”

As well as this, Grace was also able to get a feel for the culture; “At the weekend, we went to the Taj Mahal and to The Pink City [Jaipur], this was amazing!”

Grace added, “The experience has also really helped with the softer skills that are really relevant to my apprenticeship including presenting and working as a team.”

NA College’s Improvement Practitioner apprentices use a blend of Lean and Six Sigma tools to identify and lead the delivery of change across organisational functions and processes. To find out more about the value that an apprentice can bring to your organisation, email or call us on 0191 466 1188.