February 19, 2020

In September 2019, Alex McKinney completed some of our Vocational Skills programmes. This week, he emailed his tutor, Peter Reineck, to say thank you for the support he received whilst on programme.

"To give some background I took the 5 day Forklift Truck training back in September 2019. My tutor for the 5 days was Peter Reineck who is an incredibly knowledgeable and qualified individual, he has worked at a number of major manufacturing companies across the North East before becoming an instructor at NA College.
"I personally found the course to be very well planned out, there is a good balance between written classroom work and time spent on practical training. Safety is a massive part of this course - you're operating a machine that’s capable of killing someone or destroying millions of pounds worth of stock/equipment etc, so like it or not safety is a huge huge factor to be taken seriously.
"At the start of the five day’s Peter explained his ‘classroom’ rules, and amongst these were to be punctual, not use your mobile phone and to listen when he is talking. Anyway if this is a course that you want to achieve and do well in or get into this line of work just listen to what you are taught by either Peter or Dave, follow their instructions on the Forklift and I believe that if you have enough confidence and self-belief, then you will succeed.
"As the course went on I found that the three of us doing the course built up a good relationship with Peter and found some common ground (ie golf) and the atmosphere isn’t that of a classroom that you would find in a school/college simply because I think it’s designed to be that way. We are all adults and therefore should be treated like adults (but always bearing in mind those ground rules and not to take the mick out of!)
"To put it simply, you will get out of it whatever you’re willing to put into it. My advice having done it would be to go in and give it 100% as the certification lasts for 5 years and does genuinely cost close to £1000 if you were paying for it yourself.
"Since having passed and gained my license in September 2019, I went to work for NAC Outsourcing, the College's employment arm. I now no longer work for Outsourcing and instead chose to look for permanent forklift driving work. Through pure chance, I gave Peter a call to find out what class of licence I had achieved. We got on chatting and he had given me a standard of aftercare which I had not expected and was pleasantly surprised by. Peter even knew who I was straight away despite it being months since I had done the course and him probably having tens if not hundreds of students through the door since. So last thing Peter had said was ‘call in anytime kid as we are always here’. Well as if it were fate the very next day I was along the road with VANTEC doing a starter course as a Forklift Truck Driver so I thought, ‘what the heck, I will go and pop along the NA college’. I cannot stress enough to people reading this, but the aftercare that Peter and Dave do is unbelievable and the lengths that Peter (off his own back) has gone too to help me to get into the Forklift Truck Driver industry via VANTEC has been unreal and I couldn’t ever thank him and the NA College enough.
"I now have my final 20 point Forklift test this coming Monday and all being well I will be starting the following week!
"So please come to NA College if you wish to do a Forklift Truck Licence as you will be in the best of hands! Just make sure before you sign up that you’re doing it for the right reasons and not just ‘going through the motions’, and I swear this course together with the above and beyond aftercare does work and all being well on Monday it will change my life for the better and lead me down a new career path.
"Thanks again to all at NA College, Dave who also teaches alongside Peter, and of course most of all Peter.

If you want to learn more about NA College's Forklift training programme, visit the course information page here.