We are excited to be launching our innovative Sustainable Smart Factory in 2022 as we work to upskill learners in line with the needs of the future.

Located at our Spire Road campus in Washington, this new facility will combine a range of automated manufacturing tools and technologies to enable professional practise with future-proof techniques. The Smart Factory will also stand as the UK’s first production-line shaped by the education sector, meeting the DfE’s ‘white paper’ initiatives whilst creating a link between employers’ skills demand and educational training.

Learners will be able to develop skills within a range of areas, from data handling to machinery programming, each of which will work to enrich their professional ability. The digital data produced in the production environment will also enable workshop project experiences to be maximised, serving as a suitable means for the future development of the Business Improvement and T-Level qualifications.

Working in partnership with the IoT, the revolutionary equipment supporting this mission will range from our innovative collaborative robots to the EffiMat pick and place system, preparing learners entirely for work in the manufacturing sector of tomorrow. Further, by strategically partnering production with face-mask manufacturers ‘UK Community Production’, we are able to achieve these educational milestones whilst staying committed to our sustainability and community promise.

UCP specialise in the manufacturing of Personal Protective Equipment with an initiative to introduce learners to the future-proof production processes shaped by evolving technology. At the heart of their mission is a dedication to aiding the UK’s sustainable footprint by ensuring all products are recyclable, thus combatting the plastic waste left behind by the coronavirus pandemic.

We’re proud to be helping shape the workforce of the future and furthering our offer of Reality Education by bringing our vision to life later this year.

Find out more here: https://www.nacollege.ac.uk/smart-factory/