IT Support

IT services that will help you get connected and stay connected

Use our IT, use your own IT – we provide over 300 computers across the campuses, alongside collaborative areas where you can bring your own device, connect to the free, campus-wide WiFi and work seamlessly.

IT Support

The IT Service Desk is open Monday to Thursday 07:30-16:30 and 07:30-12:00 on a Friday.

  • Tel: 0191 466 1188
  • Email:

What can I ask the Service Desk?

The Service Desk can help you with any IT queries such as:

  • Setting up your laptop and connecting to the NA College WiFi networks
  • Accessing your work off campus
  • Topping up your print credits
  • How to use your NA College Office 365 account.

Student Email

Did you know you can access your College email and calendar from your Smartphone/Tablet/mobile device?

You can set it up alongside any other email accounts you are accessing, entering:

  • Your NA College Username followed by e.g.
  • Your NA College Password – This is the same password you use to logon to other NA College IT facilities such as the Student Desktop and eLearning Portal.

IT Regulations and Guidelines

Follow these guidelines to ensure your use of IT facilities is acceptable:

  • Computing facilities are provided for academic study and work purposes
  • Limited personal use of these facilities is acceptable as long as it does not interfere with academic study or work, or contravene any College regulations.
  • Do not use or attempt to use any systems for which you are not authorised.
  • Do not use a workstation which has been logged in by another user without permission.
  • Keep your username and password secure, do not share them with others.
  • Do not attempt to find out or use anyone else’s username and password.
  • Do not modify the configuration of your system without authority.
  • Access to ‘inappropriate sites’ on the Internet is blocked automatically, do not attempt to bypass this system or download pornographic, criminal or offensive material.
  • Do not install or make use of unlicensed software.
  • Do not send emails that are libellous, might bring discredit or embarrassment to the University.
  • Be aware that your use of the facilities (i.e. emails, Internet usage) may be monitored.

It is your responsibility to make sure your use is acceptable – please ask for advice if you are unsure. Failure to observe the regulations may result in you being suspended without warning from use of the College’s facilities and appropriate disciplinary action being taken.

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