What is an Institute of Technology?

Institutes of Technology (IoTs) are unique collaborations between existing further education colleges, universities and leading employers.  Focused on strengthening higher technical education, each IoT delivers courses in one or more technical specialisms, providing learners with a route into STEM-based occupations such as Business & Management, Digital, Manufacturing & Engineering and much more. (North-East IoT Website)



Who is involved in the IoT?

We are strongly anchored in our region, working closely with local & national employers, business organisations, schools and community groups. But we are also outward-looking and operate as a highly collaborative, national network to share ideas and expertise.

Where will this take me in my career path?

You will have access to some of the best employers in the region and will complete courses created and accredited by the DfE and the employers themselves meaning you know you are on a meaningful pathway.  As part of the IoT you will have a solid understanding of your individual learning pathway and the directions you can take. Combined with your learning of emerging skills, you will be ready to jump into employment in an industry of the future.

Why will I benefit from being part of an IoT?


You will be part of the education revolution! The IoT is all about emerging skills of the future.  The emerging skills lead to a higher qualified population, higher paid jobs and solid economy of the future such as; Electrification & Sustainability.You will be absorbed in the Smart Education method, incorporating technology and new teaching methods into your daily routine, taking your learning above & beyond the classroom.We support each learner with Smart Employability skills to each learner, helping set you up ready for interview and work.


You can be confident that people studying at an IoT are gaining the skills needed now and in the future. Through our partnerships, we are embracing new technologies, pedagogies and research, which we share across the Institute of Technology Network.Each learner is supported with additional functional skills (Maths, English) as well as employability skills, such as interview techniques.

Our IoT Courses

Our innovative IoT courses are aligned with emerging technologies to accommodate the future skillset demand of employers. We are committed to delivering up-to-date and relevant IoT courses, and provide the most realistic setting in which learners can work to prepare them for the manufacturing industry of today and the future.  Some of our recent courses can be seen below:

To see more of our courses click the link here

NA College is evolving to become a trailblazer in the IoT!

Supporting productivity

As an employer-focused institution, we are at the forefront of technical education and training. We are also committed to identifying future and existing skills needs, ensuring that new and existing staff can solve problems and effect change.

Increasing opportunity

We deliver a range of courses (including T-Levels) and specialise in apprenticeships. We are dedicated to widening opportunities in higher education by offering flexible and affordable qualifications to adults of all ages. We are also committed to addressing the lack of diversity in some parts of the STEM workforce.

Serving communities

We are strongly anchored in our region, working closely with local employers, business organisations, schools and community groups, However we are also outward-looking and operate as a highly collaborative national network to share ideas and expertise.