Stories From Our Learners

This #InternationalWomenInEngineeringDay we’re showing what some of our female learners had to say about the stigma surrounding women in STEM. We were astounded to hear some of their stories on the discrimination they’ve faced, but equally moved to learn about their aspirations within the engineering and manufacturing industry. We’re proud to be accommodating them on their journeys to success.

Katie is a Year 1 learner and has been telling us her aspirations for the future:

‘There’s definitely stigma surrounding women as very little are in the STEM industry, even though many more women are now within the field. My aspirations are to succeed within the engineering and manufacturing industry through a high position, such as supervising a team. NA college helps me to do so by providing me the qualifications and opportunities to help me succeed!’

-Katie Swain, Year 1 LMO Learner


Lily told us about the discrimination she faced in school after showing an interest in engineering:

‘The stigma starts at a young age for women interested in manufacturing. Throughout school I faced huge obstacles which I thought would hinder my chances of entering the industry. I was told I could not do engineering, as I would feel uncomfortable, being the only girl. This is not okay. Woman should feel welcome entering the industry and comments like this should not be made to a young girl. With only 12.37% of all engineers in the UK being female, it has clearly affected other women as well. Careers in manufacturing aren’t targeted or sold to women. But the benefits and experiences women could partake in are endless.

NA College and Nissan, have made me feel extremely comfortable at work and have allowed me to thrive in the industry. I am excited for what the next 3 years will bring and I am hopeful to maintain a long and successful career at Nissan.’

-Lily Turner, Year 1 Mechatronics Learner