County Lines Policy

Stopping drugs and violence in county lines

What is County Lines?

County lines has been much in the news in the last few years and we must be alert to its manifestation within our company. County lines is the process by which gangs supply drugs to suburban or rural areas using vulnerable children or vulnerable adults to courier drugs or money.

Gangs use mobile phones to facilitate drug orders and supply users. They also use local properties as a base. These properties might belong to a vulnerable adult and are obtained through force or coercion (known as cuckooing).

If staff have concerns, their first port of call should be to the Designated Safeguarding Officer to discuss their concerns. The Safeguarding Officer has the responsibility of linking with the local authority and/or the police. The Home Office has produced a useful County line guidance booklet. Some adults may be particularly vulnerable if they are experiencing:

• Economic vulnerability

• Homelessness

• Insecure accommodation

• Connection to people involved with gangs

• Having mental health or substance misuse issues

• Domestic violence Please see attached the County Lines procedure.

Reference and Further Information

Home Office: Criminal exploitation of children and vulnerable adults: County Lines guidance

The regional representatives are based in Sunderland Council Offices.

Referral Procedure

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