Level 1 – Certificate in Personal Development for Employability

Course Overview

Personal development for employability refers to the acquisition and enhancement of skills, knowledge, and attitudes that contribute to an individual’s success in the workplace. It focuses on developing a range of personal and professional attributes that are highly valued by employers and increase your employability.

The Level 2 personal development for employability qualification aims to equip individuals with the necessary skills and attributes to enhance their employability prospects and succeed in the world of work. It provides learners with a foundation for personal growth, professional development, and lifelong learning.

Please note: that the availability and specific details of this qualification may vary due to the employment opportunities on offer at the time, so it is advisable to refer to the latest information from the relevant awarding bodies or educational institutions for a more accurate and up-to-date overview.


1 Week (5 days)




- Fully Funded (free if eligible)

16 Years +, Live in England, Not in Full time education

What Will I learn?


  • Self-assessment: Understanding personal strengths, weaknesses, values, and aspirations. Assessing skills, interests, and abilities to identify suitable career paths.
  • Communication skills: Developing effective verbal, non-verbal, and written communication skills. Enhancing active listening, presentation, and interpersonal skills to collaborate and interact with others in a professional manner.
  • Teamwork and collaboration: Building skills to work effectively in diverse teams. Developing an understanding of team dynamics, cooperation, problem-solving, and conflict resolution.
  • Time management and organization: Acquiring skills to prioritize tasks, set goals, manage time effectively, and meet deadlines. Developing strategies to organise work, plan projects, and adapt to changing circumstances.
  • Problem-solving and critical thinking: Developing analytical and logical thinking abilities to solve problems and make informed decisions. Enhancing creativity, innovation, and adaptability in approaching challenges.
  • Professionalism and work ethics: Understanding workplace expectations, demonstrating integrity, and adhering to ethical standards. Developing a positive work attitude, professional conduct, and reliability.
  • Digital literacy: Acquiring essential digital skills and knowledge to effectively utilise technology in the workplace. This includes proficiency in using software applications, online collaboration tools, digital communication, and data management.
  • Career planning and employability skills: Exploring career options, setting career goals, and developing strategies for professional growth. Enhancing employability skills such as CV/resume writing, job search techniques, interview skills, and networking.



Job Progression

  • Essential for entry into all job roles. Enabling job opportunities and career advancement.

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Level 1 – Certificate in Personal Development for Employability

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