Vocational Skills

Business Adminstration

Principles of Business Administration is for those who want to work in business administrative roles

15 Learners

6 Days

Customer Services

Principles of Customer Service will provide you with the knowledge and attitudes required for working with customers.

12 Learners

5 Days

Forklift Truck Operations

Move up the career ladder with our specialist Forklift Truck Operations course based at our state of the art Spire Campus

3 Learners

4.5 Days

Industrial Environment Awareness

The insight into the essential knowledge and understanding of the industrial environments.

15 Learners

3 Days

Lean Organisation Management

The Lean qualification is for learners who want to learn about lean methodology, what lean is, why it is used in manufacturing.


4 Days

Team Leading

The Principles of Team Leading qualification is for learners who work in, or who want to work in business or management.



Warehousing & Storage

Providing recognition of the skills and knowledge needed to work in or develop a career in warehousing and storage

10 Learners

5 Days