Adult Education

Business Adminstration

For learners who want to work in business administrative roles.

15 Learners

6 Days

Customer Services

For learners who want to work in customer service and gain the knowledge and attitudes required for this role.

12 Learners

5 Days

Industrial Environment Awareness

For learners wanting to gain essential knowledge and understanding of the industrial environments.

15 Learners

3 Days

Lean Organisation Management

For learners who want to learn about Lean methodology, what Lean is and why and how it is used in manufacturing.


4 Days

Performing Manufacturing Operations

For learners involved in carrying out manufacturing jobs who want to demonstrate competence in their working environment.

20 Learners

1 Year

Team Leading

For learners who work in, or want to work in, the business and professional management sector.



Warehousing & Storage

For learners who want to progress into a Logistics role.

10 Learners

5 Days