Who Are we?

NA College, is an independent training provider specialised in Engineering, Advanced Manufacturing and Logistics sector. Our offer includes: apprenticeships (L2- L6), short courses funded by AEB and Bootcamps (green, digital, manufacturing , technical, business excellence) as well as commercial ad-hoc training offers.

We are the only private training provider partner of the North East Institute of Technology (NEIoT), providing high technical skills and quality delivery. We are based in Washington, near to key industry in Sunderland’s industrial advanced manufacturing park; where Envision, IAMP, NMUK and Vantec are based.

Our MBO via Shard Investment, installed a board of directors, breaking the glass ceiling for independent training providers in the UK and becoming trailblazers for industry.

Our Vision

To be the provider of choice and of outstanding education and training in the North East, aligned with employers’ skills demand. 

Develop and deliver soft skills and key industry sector training to improve productivity, competitiveness, boost local economy growth and contribute to a more sustainable economy. 

Our Mission

Inspire students and shape new leaders by offering the core technical skills, the knowledge and behaviour required to support their career and professional development. 

Satisfy employers’ skills demand, create a sustainable pipeline of talented employees to boost the adoption of new technologies and digital tools to support North East business growth and transition to Net-zero economy. 

Collaborate to create a more inclusive society improving participation of under-represented groups (URGs) and removing barriers preventing access to better jobs.

Institute of Technology

We are proud to be part of an Institute of Technology (IoT). North East IoT’s are collaborations between 6 Further Education colleges and Independent training provider (New College Durham, East Durham College, Sunderland College, Middlesbrough College, Tyne Coast College and NAC), Newcastle University and construction and advanced manufacturing representatives, Esh and Nissan Motor Company.


Optimising the NEIoT’s combined collaborative strengths to deliver best in class higher level technical skills training supporting industry growth across the North East region.


  •  Provide an exciting students’ learning journey, embedding the Real Life, Real Knowledge, Real Education methodology in each of our students training plan. 

  • Deploy a Smart Learning Factory in our NAC campus. The digital production environment engages the learner in the manufacture of a real product and provides practical and unique learning experience of the transformational impact of industrial digitalisation with cutting edge equipment. 

  • Offer high quality curriculum delivered by industry expert and professional tutors. 

  • Design, develop and deliver technical training that reflects employer needs today and in the future.

  • Expand and build strong sustained employer partnerships.

  • Ensure compelling HTQ training experiences, supporting employers, inspiring learners, helping to grow the local economy, broaden accessibility, raise aspirations and improve inclusivity.


Real life.

We ensure real work experience to our learners mirroring industry shopfloor activities and offering experience in our SMART learning factory.

Real Knowledge.

Training delivery shaped by industry-trained educators, adopting a blended delivery model with enrichment activity to engage learners and maximise their success. 

Secondments of specialists from industry to support curriculum development and delivery high quality standard.

Real education.

Training standards created with employers’ contribution and certified by awarding bodies to inspire student, supporting their progression.

Smart Factory Learning Production line

The Smart Factory – Digital Production Line provides the right environment and supports vocational training. 

The SMART factory is equipped with innovative automation, vision sensors, including collaborative robots, autonomous guided vehicles, and an EffiMat pick and place system. Learners experience how to integrate these digital technologies into a lean manufacturing process, developing skills related to business improvement, data analytics, and machine programming, Sustainability is central through the elimination of waste and maximising energy efficiency .The facility creates multiple production scenarios to allow for independent and group thinking. 

Our last Ofsted inspection identified that learners benefit from a realistic and well-resourced learning environment, since then, we are continuously investing to create a unique experience for our students. Through our Smart Factory: 

“Simulated working environments and immersive learning have many benefits, and should continue to be deployed, but have limitations in terms of developing the behavioural awareness and skills important to employers. Further hybrid innovation will be required to address this dilemma and make work-experience more accessible. The SMART learning factory at NA College illustrates what is possible” 

North East LSIP 

Our Value Statement

V – Value & Trust our staff, clients, leaders and stakeholders. 

A – Ambitious to empower our students to achieve their maximum potentiality. 

L – Lead & Inspire to work together, focus on the goals and build resilience. 

U – Understanding and Awareness of North-East local priorities and industry needs.

E – Equality & Respect to build a more inclusive society.

Who is involved in the IoT?

We are strongly anchored in our region, working closely with local & national employers, business organisations, schools and community groups. But we are also outward-looking and operate as a highly collaborative, national network to share ideas and expertise.

Where will this take me in my career path?


You will have access to some of the best employers in the region and will complete courses created and accredited by the DfE and the employers themselves meaning you know you are on a meaningful pathway.

As part of the IoT you will have a solid understanding of your individual learning pathway and the directions you can take.

Combined with your learning of emerging skills, you will be ready to jump into employment in an industry of the future.

Why will I benefit from being part of an IoT?


You will be part of the education revolution! The IoT is all about emerging skills of the future.  The emerging skills lead to a higher qualified population, higher paid jobs and solid economy of the future such as; Electrification & Sustainability. You will be absorbed in the Smart Education method, incorporating technology and new teaching methods into your daily routine, taking your learning above & beyond the classroom. We support each learner with Smart Employability skills to each learner, helping set you up ready for interview and work.


You can be confident that people studying at an IoT are gaining the skills needed now and in the future. Through our partnerships, we are embracing new technologies, pedagogies and research, which we share across the Institute of Technology Network. Each learner is supported with additional functional skills (Maths, English) as well as employability skills, such as interview techniques.

Our Provision

Programmes are developed with employers, narrowing the skills gaps identified providing leaners with the knowledge, skills and behaviours to join and/or upskill in Advanced Manufacturing.

Blended delivery and a bespoke learning platform, designed to give our learners an

Innovative and engaging learning. A learning production line provides a worldly skills in t

he safety of the college. Sustainability is embedded in all programmes. We support the r

egion in driving the clean energy revolution and directly facilitate LSIP.

We support unemployed, URGs and those with disabilities into employment.

We ensure we use experienced staff from industry offer outstanding knowledge.

Our key subjects for apprenticeships and AEB short courses;

  • Business Improvement
  • Engineering
  • Electrification
  • Sustainability
  • Manufacturing
  • Digital & Technologies

NA College is evolving to become a trailblazer in the IoT! Supporting productivity

As an employer-focused institution, we are at the forefront of technical education and training. We are also committed to identifying future and existing skills needs, ensuring that new and existing staff can solve problems and effect change.

Increasing opportunity

We deliver a range of courses (including T-Levels) and specialise in apprenticeships. We are dedicated to widening opportunities in higher education by offering flexible and affordable qualifications to adults of all ages. We are also committed to addressing the lack of diversity in some parts of the STEM workforce.

Serving communities

We are strongly anchored in our region, working closely with local employers, business organisations, schools and community groups, However we are also outward-looking and operate as a highly collaborative national network to share ideas and expertise.